Account Opening
Step 1Documents preparation

Fill in, sign and submit the following forms and supporting documents:

  1. Client Agreement for Individual
  2. Form W-8BEN (Individuals) by the U.S. IRS
  3. Common Reporting Standard (CRS) Self-Certification Form

Prepare the following supporting documents

  1. Copies of Hong Kong Identity Card or passport of each account holder(s), ultimate beneficial owner(s) and director(s) for corporate client
  2. Address proof within the latest three months e.g. bank statement, bills from public utilities
  3. Bank statement or photocopy of the first page of the bank passbook showing the name of the account holder and the account number
  4. Bank Cheque* (if applicable)

In compliance with the SFC guidelines, if the account opening agreement is submitted by way of mailing, a specified person, including any SFC licensed or registered person, a Justice of Peace, or professional such as a branch manager of a bank, certified public accountant, lawyer or notary public, should be required to sign as the witness of all signature(s) on the account opening agreement and forms. The specified person should provide us with self-certified ID copy and copy of the professional qualification documents.
OR *Submitted the executed account opening agreements, forms and supporting documents with a bank cheque to our office, the cheque must :

  • be issued by a Hong Kong licensed bank
  • be issued by the same account holder whose name is shown on the cheque
  • be payable to “Forwin Securities Group Limited” for a sum of not less than HK$10,000
  • be issued with the same signature(s) as shown on the account opening documents
  • The cheque will be credited to the client’s account and the account will be activated only after the cheque is cleared.
Step 2Documents submission

Submit Account Opening Agreement with supporting documents

Please submit all the documentations in person or by mail to:
Forwin Securities Group Limited – Customer Services Department
Unit 2201, 22/F, Office Tower Convention Plaza, 1 Harbour Road, Wan chai, Hong Kong

Please note:

  • We will only process account opening after receiving all the supporting documents and completion of risk disclosure procedures.
  • Account is activated only after client’s cheque is cleared.
Step 3Application Processing

Process account opening application

After receiving our confirmation and welcome letter, it means account is opened.

Step 4Completed Open Account

Access the trading services anytime

When the account opening procedure is completed, the customer can access the trading service at any time.

If clients have any enquiry, please contact our customer services hotline (852) 2895-9991.


Download Form

Client Agreement for Individual
Client Agreement for Joint
Client Agreement for Corporate
CRS Self-Certification Form – Individual
CRS Self-Certification Form – Entity
CRS Self-Certification Form – Controlling Person
Form W-8BEN
Form W8IMY
Anti-Money Laundering Questionnaire (Corporate Account)
Account Opening Checklist
Physical Securities Withdrawal Form
Change of Account Information
Securities Settlement Instruction (SI) / Investor Settlement Instruction (ISI)
Client’s Money Withdrawal Form
Fee and Charges Table
Online Trading and Two-factor Authentication User Manual
Forwin Mobile Apps trading User Manual (Chinese Version Only)
Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit and Withdrawal of Client’s Money

A. Withdrawal

Clients may withdraw funds from their accounts in the following ways:

  1. A withdrawal notice must be completed and delivered to our settlement department before 12:00 noon of any trading day to arrange the withdrawal. Late notice will be deemed as next day withdrawal.
  2. Visit us to pick up the cheque in person (an one-day prior notice of withdrawal amount has to be made);
  3. We do not accept any fund transfer to third-party bank account. If you have any questions, please contact us.


B. Deposit

Clients may deposit funds in the following ways:

  1. Clients may transfer the funds to our accounts through Fast Payment System(FPS)
  2. Clients may present cheque or banker’s order to our settlement department before 12 noon on any trading day. cheque or banker’s order should be payable to “Forwin Securities Group Limited”. Please also write the account name and account number on the back of the cheque or banker’s order. We will issue a receipt to our client immediately; or
  3. Client may directly deposit the cheque or transfer the funds to our designated bank account. If the deposit is made by banker’s order, the client must explain the reason in writing and sign on the same.


After making the deposit, clients are required to submit the deposit slip (e.g. “bank-in slip”) by fax, email or other electronic means to the our settlement department before 4:30 pm (16:30 Hong Kong time) on the same day. Clients should clearly write down his/her account name and account number on the deposit slip. PLEASE NOTE that deposit will only be recorded in the client’s account on the day when the deposit slip is well received by us.

We only accept deposit transferred from the bank account under the name of the same client and we do not accept any third-party deposit.


C. Details of bank account of Forwin Securities with are as follows:

  1. Details for transferring HKD or RMB through FPS  to our account
      Bank Account Name:Forwin Securities Group Limited
      FPS number:167698695

     2. Details of bank account of Forwin Securities with are as follows:

     Bank Account Name:Forwin Securities Group Limited
     Bank Account Number (HKD):040-774-37313270       072-861-512003022016-478-001085877  
     Bank Account Number (CNY):040-774-38241159       072-861-560014607016-478-001085895 
     Bank Account Number (USD):040-774-39047953       072-861-506465029016-478-001085886 

     3. Bank Account Details and Telegraphic Transfer Details:

      Bank Account Name:Forwin Securities Group Limited
      Name of bank:Dah Sing Bank, LimitedIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited
      Bank address:Gloucester Road Branch – G/F, Everbright Centre, 108 Gloucester Road, Hong Kong Queen Road Central Branch – Basement, Ground Floor and First Floor of 122 QRC, Nos. 122-126 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
      Bank Account Name:Forwin Securities Group Limited 
      Name of bank:DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited 
      Bank address:G/F, The Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong 
      SWIFT code:DHBKHKHH 
      Quoting messageCLIENT NAME & ACCOUNT NUMBER 

Settlement Department Hotline: (852) 2895-9991, Fax No.: (852) 2572-9166, email address:
[email protected]