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Forwin Capital principally engages in various asset management services, including fund management, investment advisory, discretionary investment management, etc. We strive to provide customers with holistic and reliable services in line with our prudent investment policy. Our professional team possesses all-round technical know-how and ample asset management experience. With our solid expertise, we are dedicated to provide professional and high quality wealth management and planning services by offering a series of investment products to diversify risks as well as to meet different appetites and needs of our clients from prestige family office, corporate and individual high-net-worth clients with an clear aim at wealth appreciation.



富榮作為獨立的機構,以客戶的需求為驅動,以專業的角度檢視私行的業務,盡力避免潛在的利益衝突,保障客戶的利益。 作為客戶的代理人,富榮會為客戶爭取最優惠的交易費用、融資費用、基金管理費折扣、以及其它產品及服務的費用折扣。








Private Fund

Leveraging on the proven track record and excellent fund management experience of our sister company, Fortune & Royal Asset in Guangzhou, Forwin Capital will adhere to the principle of “clients’ interests first”. After evaluating market risks, our investment managers will match the suitable fund products for our clients based on their different investment targets and expected returns. We strive for maximizing investment returns for our clients while balance between risks and returns is also our main focus.

Our Strategies:

  • Identify profitable SMEs with solid growth potential, focus on enterprises which have a proven track record and a stable income stream but requires additional resources for expansion or corporate development
  • Work closely with the management of the investee companies to enhance their corporate value
  • According to market changes and other economic factors, review risk exposure, examine the relationship between risk and expected return and the need for asset reallocation from time to time

Discretionary Managed Accounts

Our portfolio management experts will employ innovative analytics to help our clients to achieve the optimal risk/return trade-off. Forwin Capital, being the investment manager of our clients, will be delegated to have full discretion in managing their investment accounts and making relevant investment decisions. We dedicates to tailor-make personalized investment plans and strategies in accordance with individual clients’ risk appetite and risk tolerance level, investment horizon and targeted investment returns and other information. We will seek and identify the investment opportunities in global securities markets. We will use exchange traded funds (ETF), bonds and derivative products as hedging tools to mitigate investment portfolio’s risks exposure and volatilities. During the market disruption or extreme market volatility, we may reallocate the assets in the investment portfolio to fixed income or money market instruments to minimize risk exposure.

We will issue periodic statements and transaction updates to our clients. In addition, we will meet our clients from time to time to discuss and review their investment portfolio in terms of latest asset allocation and investment strategies, with an aim to let our clients have clear understanding of their account status.


Investment advisory services

Our investment advisory services allow our clients to better manage their assets without transferring the assets to the accounts with Forwin Capital. With our investment team’s extensive experience in the international financial market, we will provide advices and recommendations specifically cater the individual needs of individual investors, companies/enterprises and third party fund managers.

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